This week, in Tirnua we are beta testing a new Quest and Rewards System. We have started with 'Explorer Quests'. This quest series will help players discover the many aspects of our game. Each quest is a small challenge in learning the Tirnua user interface. For each successful completion of a quest in the series, you will be gifted with a reward. These 'rewards' will be fun objects for use in the game. As mentioned, we are trial testing this system this week. We will be polishing the system and updating the help and completion dialog boxes throughout the next week. We are looking to the community to help us iron out the kinks in the system. Please post your comments and suggestions on our forum. Here's how it will work. Everyone will be gifted 5 'gifts' that can found in the inventory. Current players will be gifted these soon, new users will be prompted at initial login. Mousing over each gift in your inventory will display the challenge such as Change your appearance, Enter your own lot, Successfully invite a facebook friend etc. Another way to see your gifts is from the Getting Started Help Panel. New users, you will see a Star Quest icon next to your TAU balance. Clicking on that will bring up a popup box with instructions on how to get started with the quests. Earn or Buy TAU with Super Rewards - we have a new way to Earn or Buy TAU this week. We have implemented Super Rewards in our facebook application. Look for the Earn Tau link and check out all the new ways to earn TAU just by doing certain activities such as filling out surveys. You will notice to that you can purchase TAU directly from here. This provides more purchasing options than just PayPal, although PayPal is still an option. Updated Shopping Panel - we have added new functionality to Shopping
  • Added new names store to the shopping panel
  • Added the ability to apply NameTogs to your persona in DressMe
  • Male Mannequins - At last, we are catching up to the females! Male personas now have mannequins to display the male clothing collection on. This means, users can now start selling these clothing items. Coming very soon...more male clothing for the collection. Updated Persona Web - under Popular Searches, you will now find all your facebook friends listed. Enjoy, Audrey

    ' 'If you have a female persona in Tirnua, have your account linked to facebook and have logged into Tirnua recently, then look in your inventory for this week's gift. You were gifted one of the these lovely floral arrangements. If you would like to receive our weekly gift make sure to link your account to facebook and come visit us often in Tirnua. To link your account, all you need to do is log into Tirnua through Facebook one time! Go to our wiki for help with the facebook application settings. All of us at Tirnua hope that you had a peaceful and relaxing Mother's Day. The Tirnua Team' In-Game Shopping! Buy all your items in-game now. No more need to go to the external web store! Look for the new Shopping Panel next to the Gift Store. From here you can browse all Tirnuan Collections and add and remove items to your shopping cart until your heart is content. Each collection has tabs for the different categories of items such as seatings, surfaces and flooring. No more need to go back to the web store to buy another item from another collection. All shopping can be done from the Shopping Panel or from within the Tirnua Store Lots accessible from the World Map. Dress Me Clothing Store - The Dress Me Panel now has two tabs; one for your Inventory and one for the Clothing Store. The Clothing Store tab has all the clothing and accessory items available for your persona's gender. This means you can buy clothes and accessories directly from the Dress Me tab. After you purchase the items, you can try them on in the dress me window. Don't forget to save your changes if you like your new look. "Update Persona" has been changed to "Save Changes". A future release will give you the ability to try on the items prior to purchasing them.

    Access The Tirnua Bank to Buy TAU - Need TAU? Look for this icon to take you directly to the bank! Updated World Map  We are Terra Forming the World Map and have made a pass at putting all lots into locations on the map that match the lot backgrounds.   This is still work in progress with more changes on the horizon. Mousing over the push pins on the map will display the lot name and clicking on one of them will bring up the display with the lot information at that location. Currently, push pins are shown for the most visited lots. The color of the pins indicates how many visitors and you can see a lot's visitor score when you click on the pin.

    New User Start Dialog Boxes - you will see new user help dialog boxes popping up when logging into the game for the first time or if logging into Tirnua directly. The start sequence will guide new users to start out with Dress Me for instance. You will only see these sequences the first time logging in. Happy Mother's Day! You will find just what you need to send all the lady avatar friends you know a Mother's Day Gift. They don't even have to be mothers! Find them on the Gift Store Panel or you can also find them at the Plants web store.   Don't forget to check out the In-Game Help. We gave it a second pass this week. Shop until you drop and have a great Mother's Day Weekend! Audrey

    ' ' New Facebook Photo Frame - to go along with the cool digital picture frame brought to you last week, this week we bring you a large screen photo frame that can display your facebook photos of your own choosing. Upload your own photos to facebook and display them on your lot or create your own slideshow from a set of pictures. When a photo or picture is uploaded to facebook, facebook provides a public link to share with others. This http:// link is located at the bottom of the page when viewing the photo. Just copy this link and paste it into the photo frame by selecting Manage->Set Picture URLs from the popup menu displayed when clicking on the frame. Picture frame can show any image uploaded to facebook if the owner enters the url found as shown here: If you group the photos you want to show into a facebook album, you can also simply provide the link to the album which can be found as shown here. Now even your friends that are not on facebook can see your pictures, see who has been tagged and see any comments made on it. You can find the Facebook Photo Frame for purchase in the Decorations web store. Send Messages In-game - send and receive private mail messages to and from other fellow Tirnuans. Use the messages tab to see your mailbox folders and to create, reply or forward messages to your friends. New UI Graphics - the World Map, Home Viewer, Dress Me, Persona Web, Gift Store, Friends ahd High Scores tabs have all been replaced with representative icons. Mouse over each of them for tooltips to see what they are. New tabs have been added this week, look for: What's New, Help and Messages. HELP is on the way! It will be much easier for new users to find the help they are looking for - look for the help icon all around the site. We will be populating and updating the help as we evolve. New Hairstyles for the ladies. The ladies will be sporting new hair styles this week. Choose from a blond feathered bob, a brunette Cleopatra, a red flapper bob or a blond ponytaill to change up your look. HAPPY MAY DAY!!! - It's May Day - look for 2 new floral arrangements to gift to your friends from the gift store tab. You can also find them at the Plants web store or in-game at the Tirnua Arboretum store. Vignettes update - vignettes will now return you to the lot from which you came from before playing out the vignette. Enjoy your friends, their pictures and here's to making many more friends in Tirnua! Audrey

    ' 'Hello, We have got some really nice updates ready for you this week.   However rather than taking down Tirnua during our peak hours we have decided we are going to publish our new updates tomorrow at 8:00 AM PDT.   See you bright eyed and busy tailed tomorrow! Happy May Day and as always Cheers, Tirnua Lee' 'Do you have an admirer in Tirnua? Are you an admirer of someone? Send them a Vignette from the Gift Store tab. You can choose from a 'Sweet Kiss', 'Dip Kiss', 'Friendly Kiss' or a 'Hug'. Clicking on your vignette when received will take you directly to the Love Shack to view your vignette. You can replay your vignette at any time by dragging it onto your lot and selecting "View Your..." when clicking on the object. Wireless Digital Picture Frame! Place this in your lot and this Magical Photo will display the profile pics of all your facebook friends, changing every few seconds. You can pause the display on the profile pic of someone whose image you'd like to keep on display at your lot. The coolest thing is that people can interact with the photo to "blow a kiss" at it, send a "wish a you were here" message via facebook, and more! Lot Message Board added in the Home Viewer. Want to drop someone a message when they are not home? Leave the lot owner a message so they will see it when they return. Comment on their lot or let them know that you cared for their plants while they were away! Look for this link in the Home Viewer under the tabs. Enter Your Default Lot - directly enter your home from the Home Viewer tab. You can now enter your default lot by clicking on the link in the center of the screen from the Home Viewer tab. User Interface Changes
  • Radio buttons to Add and Remove Floors and Walls have been added to the Edit Mode. You can now add and remove walls or tiles directly from Edit Mode instead of holding down the shift key. The shift key functionality for this has been removed.
  • Game now starts in a Zoomed Out view. The zoom slider now has +Zoom and -Zoom buttons which allow you to zoom all the way in or out with one click.
  • Yours truly, How many can boast of having a view like this from their kitchen!
    ' 'We just gifted TAU to all users who are linked to facebook so check your wallets. Recently Active users who have linked their accounts to facebook get better weekly gifts! So, in order to not miss out on this, make sure to link your account to facebook and come visit us often in Tirnua. To link your account, all you need to do is log into Tirnua through Facebook one time! Go to our wiki for help with the facebook application settings. Happy weekend! The Tirnua Team' 'Beach Just in time for summer, look out for new bikini tops and low rise bikini bottoms for sale in the Tirnua Clothing Shop or in the Woman's Clothing webstore as we start to round out our beach wear for woman. Look for more interesting styles coming soon. High Score Rankings - see the high scores of all your friends and the overall high scores of everyone in the Tirnua world. See who has been recruited, who has the best green thumb and which lots are getting visited the most. More scores will be added over the upcoming weeks. New 3D Object and Gifts for gifting all your friends - a guitar with stand has been added to the Decorations web store and more gifts have been added to the Gift Store tab in the Home Viewer. Remember you can gift your facebook friends who are not currently users in Tirnua and receive 500 TAU when they successfully register to accept your gift. Updated Default Persona Male and Female thumbnails. Look for your new thumbnails! Fixes made for the Banana and Apple Trees - the banana tree will harvest as intended and will fruit and the blooming apple tree will now display correctly too! If you have lost banana plants that you were trying to harvest, please let us know at, if you haven't already. We plan to make it up to you! Have fun! Audrey

    ' 'Today, we are wrapping up our "Hunt for the Golden Eggs" event. Big Congratulations go out to each of the winners who received a Rare Golden Egg of their own. The Golden Egg Winners Are: trong> of these Golden Eggs will exist in Tirnua. Thanks for participating in our event! The Tirnua Team' 'Today, we are wrapping up our “Hunt for the Golden Eggs” event. Big Congratulations go out to each of the winners who received a Rare Golden Egg of their own. The 9 Golden Egg Winners so far are: Only 59 of these Golden Eggs will exist in Tirnua. We still have 1 more to give away. Be the lucky person to get the 60th Golden Egg!!! For details see our previous blog. You have one more day. Thanks for participating in our event! The Tirnua Team' 'This week Tirnua is giving away eggs to all players. 50 lucky players will get a Rare Golden Egg!!! To have the chance to get one of these rares you will need to have logged into Tirnua within the past two weeks and you will need your Tirnua account to be linked to your facebook account - if you haven't done so already, all you need to do is log into Tirnua through Facebook one time! If your Tirnua account is linked to Facebook regardless of your last logged in time, you will be gifted 1 of 4 of these eggs, unless you were one of the lucky recipient of the Golden Egg. Golden Egg Hunt! For those lucky recipients of the rare Golden Egg, once you have received it, Tirnua would like to request that you display it on your lot in some sort of creative way to make it challenging to find. The first 10 people who respond with an email to with links to 6 lots with a Golden Egg on them will receive a Golden Egg of their very own. Winners of the Golden Egg can not include their own egg in those found. We will be posting another blog with additional details, including the email to send your findings to, after the gifts have all been received. Good luck and happy hunting! The Tirnua Team ' 'New Gift Store Use this tab to gift anyone, even all your facebook friends! It does not matter whether they have an account in Tirnua or not. Your facebook friends are accessible from within your Gift Store tab.
    1. Click and select the names of as many friends as you would like to receive the gift package. 
    2. Click on the catalog images in the Gift Catalog to choose the items to add to the gift basket.
    3. Optionally, write a short message from you that will be displayed to each recipient
    The friends you gift  will receive a facebook notification telling them about your gift. If a friend who has previously not played or installed Tirnua comes into the game to collect their gift, you will receive the 500 TAU reward. You can also gift any other persona in Tirnua regardless of whether or not they are a current Persona Friend or not. Just type the persona's name in the search field and click on their name in the result to add them to the list of recipients. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The time has come to set up clothing shops in Tirnua. Get your mannequins and dress them up! All clothing items for women can now be dragged onto a lot, put on the mannequins and set for sale like any other object. Stock up multiple clothing items on top of one another on the mannequins so you don't need to keep restocking them. Check out the Tirnua Clothing Shop to see what is on display now! Male avatars don't fret, your equivalent is on the way. As you can see in the picture above Colored Hair is Now Available! Blue, Green and Pink colored hair for both male and female avatars is available for purchase in the clothing stores. Coming soon - long colored hair! As mentioned in our previous blog, we will be gifting eggs to all players on Good Friday. The type of egg you receive is random but to have a chance to get the Rare Golden Egg you would need to have logged in recently and have your Tirnua account linked to your facebook account. Golden Egg Hunt Event - we are asking the lucky recipients of the golden eggs to place them on their lots. The first 10 players who send us an email to with the links to 6 lots with golden eggs on them will receive a golden egg of their own! Who's Online? Want to Easily Find your Friends? We have made it so you can now find out who is online or who is in a particular lot. There is an active link on the World Map view in the bottom left corner. It will tell you how many users are online at the moment; when clicked on it will take you to the Persona Web and you will be able to see who is online. Also, the World Map lot info windows will now show you who is in that lot. The Persona Web now has a popular search called "Online Now" which will display all the users that are online. Doing a search for a persona from the Persona Web will show you their online status as well. Clicking on a persona name in the search results will show what lot they are on if they are in a lot at the time. New UI tabs -Dress Me is now accessible on it's own tab on the main page and along with the Gift Store we have added a Friends tab. The friends tab will have all of your notifications on it. More Jobs - we have added 3 more level 1 tasks for the bin pusher job. Jobs now have sub levels. In other words, we have 4 level 1 job lots now with different tasks for the bin pusher.
  • Bio Break
  • Back Breaker
  • Room Management by Committee
  • A Simple Plan, The "Management"
  • Time cards track total paycheck amounts and total pay per each lot type. To find out how to get a job visit the help page on our wiki. Lastly, the Getting Started tab has been updated to help new users get around quicker. When you see someone new in the game be sure to direct them to it and don't be shy about letting us know what else you think we could do to make it better! Enjoy and see you in the game! Audrey

    ' 'For every facebook friend that you personally invite and that successfully registers to play the game, Tirnua will gift you 500 TAU!!! So, go ahead and invite all your friends! When you are playing Tirnua through facebook look for the links at the top and bottom of the app window. Click on the link and it will bring you to the "Help your friends discover Tirnua, and win 500 TAU per successful registration!" page. Select all of your friends that you would like to join you in the game and click on the "Send Tirnua Request" box. (The limit set by facebook is roughly 20 per day) You will only be able to get the reward once per friend no matter how many times the the application is added by that same person. Note also that if any one of your friends who is new to Tirnua enters the world for the first time by clicking on the Tirnua box on your profile page or on a link on any of your Tirnua feeds that show up on your profile or wall, you will also get the referral bonus for a successful registration! Stay on the lookout for more reward programs from us! We are also very interested to hear your suggestions on how to bring more of your friends into Tirnua. Please do not hesitate to let us know. Happy friending! The Tirnua Team' A little game of Tic-tac-toe anyone? We have implemented the first board game in Tirnua. Users will now be able to take this and create their own board games using a game server of their choice. Learn how. Visitor Scores - are displayed in the visitor panel when you mouse over any visitor's avatar icon. See how many friends they have, how old they are, how land rich they are and what kind of green thumb they've got. Apples and Bananas! That's right move over oranges, make room for apples and bananas. We have more seeds for you to cultivate and enhance your green thumb with. Try them out. The fully harvested apple tree is 3x3 so make to reserve enough land on your lot to accomodate them.  The banana is same as the orange tree a 2x2.  Next week, the maintenance care time will change for the apple and banana seedlings.  It will take longer (more time between waterings) for the apple tree to grow and a shorter time (more frequent waterings) for the banana tree to grow. Check out those babes! The female avatar has had a facelift. Persona Name Plates - lower price and extended lease time! We have reduced the price on name togs (a.k.a., name purchase) to correspond with that of the lot name togs (a.k.a., lot name). You can now purchase a 6 month lease for 3,500 TAU plus tax and a 12 month name lease for 4,400 TAU plus tax. The price includes the base cost and a monthly fee of 250 TAU. We have extended the expiration time of all previously purchased persona names. The name tog has a tooltip that displays the pertinent information. First "mouse over" shows retrieving the data and second pass over will show the details. Purchase a name tog here. Deeds now show the recurring fee and expiration date even if not set for sale. More Games for Liar's Dice - sky's the limit on betting now, more tables added and resign interaction added. The resign interaction means you can forfeit your game without disrupting the rest of the game. When it is your turn select cancel bid dialog, click on table and select "resign". The dice of the user resigning will disappear and the game will continue.   Hope you enjoy yourselves this week! Audrey

     ' 'That's right, it is time to go to work and get paid in Tirnua! This week, we bring you the early beginnings of a jobs system. Your first job is a Bin Pusher at an Environmental Cleanup Plant. To start out, you will be able to go to the community center and 'clock in' at the time clock. Here you will get a time card that will be placed in your inventory. After you have 'clocked in', you will be taken to an open job lot. Once on the job site, your job is to make your way to the kiosk to complete your work shift and claim your payout.  More details on how to go to work can be found here. We are very excited to release our first job in the game. It is going to help us test out the job system so that we may create more jobs and levels oin the upcoming weeks. Job promotions and jobs requiring teamwork are part of the near future. This Level 1 job aims to give you an entry level familiarity with how to navigate your way through a maze-like lot by stepping on conveyor belts, moving objects out of your way, and using electric switches to open doorways on the path ahead. Note: You will only be able to work every 2 hours or 12 shifts per day. For now, you will be paid at the end of every shift when you reach the payout kiosk by clicking "cross the finish line". Your earnings will displayed in your chat window. Please beware there is time limit in which to finish your job. If you do not finish during the time allocated then you will be forced out. This is so that other workers are not prevented from going to work. If forced out and you were not able to finish your shift; you will be allowed back in to start your shift over again. Notice!!! After this week, gender change will be disabled. You will no longer be able to switch between genders per persona. So, please take a look at each of personas and decide whether you want to be a guy or a gal. Liar's Dice Updates. Betting is now in! It is available at the 10 & 25 TAU levels.  Flashing highlights now indicate the action such as whose turn is next and the dice count at the end of a round will be displayed.  When a game is over, anyone on the lot can reset the table. Rake  is set up for the lot owner to get a take of the action. New interactions are available to the owner 'Withdraw' and 'Check Balance'. For more details refer to Liar's Dice Help. Attention Female Avatars!!! We have spandex galore for you as well as mini-skirts. Take off your shoes and walk around barefoot especially when sporting your new bikini bottom on the beach. Over the next few weeks, we will be rolling out new clothing items for your 3D characters. This is just a snippet of what's to come. Attention Male Avatars!!! Take a look at your face - you are getting better looking all the time. Lastly, over the past few weeks since we introduced our plant simulation in the game we have been spending lots of time testing, debugging and tuning it. Many of you were instrumental in helping us do this. For instance, the red chair bug was unearthed whereby red chairs were being harvested in place of the orange trees. This has probably been our best bug yet! Thanks to Simone and others who took it all in good stride and had some fun with it. Needless to say, we believe we have fixed this bugs and other ones found. In addition, green thumb scores were in the negative even for our best gardners out there. We have carefully tuned this so you should start seeing green thumbs in the postive numbers now! Better hurry up you're already late for work. See you on the job! Audrey

    ' 'Beautiful new lots for sale now in the Tirnua Real Estate Store. See below for an image and click for a full size view. As mentioned before, Saniel started a tutorial on the wiki to help others who want to make their own lot: Saniel’s tutorial on background creation Again, this is just the beginning of custom content in Tirnua. We are working on clothes, walls, tiles and pictures. All of those custom objects will be user tradable (I think Saniel is already taking orders..). Also, thank you all again for being such a talented group of players! In Jacks or Better Video Poker machines like those in Tirnua, a result like this only comes round every 1 in 40,400 hands!. Congratulations to Gilly who got this very special hand. To celebrate we sent a message to everyone in game just a little while ago and gifted some prize money to everyone that had logged in up to that point today. 'To celebrate Saint Patrick's Day, we decided to surprise you and publish our weekly release early. This will give you all a chance to Get Lucky! First off, we have a special edition Luck of the Irish Joker Poker Video Poker Machine for you at the special introductory price of 1299 TAU. This version of video poker is Kings or Better and the payouts have been raised. Instructions and payout tables described on the wiki Video Poker Info page. Our Irish dev Sarah was very excited to get this hand and the mega payout that went with it - luck of the Irish indeed! So grab your Green Hat from the 3d Clothing Store (Men's or Women's) and party on through the week with your fellow Tirnuans! Secondly, and entirely new this week, we bring you Liar's Dice! This is an early implementation of the game so at this time you can not bet. Check it out and play test it for us! Liar's dice is a game for two or more players (you might have seen it played in a recent pirate movie). To play: dice are rolled in a concealed fashion and bids are made about the result of the roll. Players must then either raise the bid or challenge the previous bid in turn. Get more info on how to play Liar's Dice from this wiki help page with fully illustrated walkthrough To keep with the St. Patrick's Day theme we have a few new cool objects for you. Check out these large area rugs, floor tiles and flag additions. Thanks go to MonkeyPantz again for the flags. Look for them in the Flora and Decoration stores. Also, Margaret couldn't resist and had us add a rug and floor tile made of poppies. Lastly, but just as important, check out the latest version of the female character. We think she is catching up with the male on her good looks. More to come for both... From all of us at Tirnua, Happy St. Patrick's Day! Audrey

    Tirnua is a new virtual world created by its community (Tirnuans).

    I'm lucky to have a great development team with extensive experience in web 2.0 and the games/entertainment industry. With custom content tools for all, we want to enable people of all sorts to create and enjoy dream spaces, communities, friendship networks, and games. All of this will be within an overarching simulation game in which the environment will play a key role. Users will be able to experience Tirnua in a web browser using flash. Everything in Tirnua will be tradeable and the currency of the land with be known as TAU - think Tirnua AU => Tirnua Gold and it's pretty fun to pronounce it tao :)

    We are already interacting with the community through our blog, wiki, and forum The team communicates about our plans and weekly releases through the blog and gets feedback there through comments. The wiki is the place for the community to write designs together, and share information. The forum is for open disucssions.

    I would like to invite you to join the community and I hope to see you soon in Tirnua.


    CEO of Tirnua, Inc